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Areas of a house that contain rim-joists, small surface areas, frost walls with multiple tie-ins, and joist ends can be hard to insulate as they’re typically difficult to access. Anthony Insulation offers clients in Canmore, Calgary, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Airdrie, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Okotoks, Cochrane, Stony Plain, Strathmore, and High River a solution with our spray foam insulation services. Our Canmore insulation contractors apply spray foam insulation to keep houses well-protected from the environment and energy efficient year-round. To determine if spray foam insulation is the right material for your home, our Canmore insulation experts need to inspect your residential property. But first they ask that you complete this “spray foam insulation inspection”:

  • We require full access to the areas of your house that require spray foam insulation. All cladding must be removed so that entire surface areas are visible to our inspectors.
  • Our Canmore insulation specialists are often asked to open up walls or remove cladding. Although we would love to help, our company does not possess the tools or resources required to perform such services. If you are in need of general contracting services we suggest consulting this BBB list of accredited home renovation companies.
  • Moisture problems must be addressed on site prior to considering spray foam insulation as it’s not suitable for sealing water damaged areas, especially if the source has not been resolved. If our spray foam insulation is applied to a wet surface it may de-laminate.

Our Canmore insulation pros will discuss the many benefits of our spray foam insulation products with you during their initial, complimentary in-home visit. We offer two types of spray foam insulation for residential use:

  • Open cell / half-pound foam spray foam insulation is perfect applying in tight spaces because of its expansion characteristics. It is a very affordable and has great sound proofing properties.
  • Close cell / two-pound foam spray foam insulation has a higher R-value per depth inch with a minimum 2” depth application. It’s very effective at sealing penetrations and provides a fantastic attic vapor barrier.

Once you have chosen the spray foam insulation product that best suits your application, our Canmore insulation contractors ask that you conduct our “spray foam insulation installation to-do list”:

  • Your residential property must remain vacant for 24 hours after our spray foam insulation process is completed to ensure proper off-gassing. The details are contained in this waiver which is required for all lived in homes. Please take this health and safety protocol into consideration when thinking of the viability of your insulation project.
  • The areas in which our spray foam insulation is to be applied must be cleared of all loose particles including dust or other types of debris. Our foam agent is sprayed at a very high rate of speed so we need to ensure the safety and quality of our installation process.
  • Our spray foam insulation must be covered by an approved thermal barrier such as Hibar fiber or drywall.

Anthony Insulation has been questioned regarding the safety of our spray foam insulation. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that are safe for our workers to install and free of any potential dangers to our clients and end-users. As such we install only Icynene spray foam insulation products which you can learn more about by reading our spray foam insulation overview and our H&S documentation.

Our spray foam insulation services are guaranteed through our 10 year workmanship warranty which also applies to our other insulation services including attic insulation, blown-in insulation, wall insulation, insulation removal, and commercial insulation. Our Canmore insulation contractors are also proficient in the installation of quality roofing products! Contact us and speak with our Canmore insulation contractors for details about this or our many financing options and client referral program. We welcome you to browse our customer FAQs as well.

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